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tv   Hannity  FOX News  September 25, 2012 12:00am-1:00am EDT

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factor." one of the worst things you can do is to be redundant. thank you for watching us tonight. i'm bill o'reilly. please remember the spin stops right here, as we're definitely looking out for you. >> sean: tonight the diary of our fallen ambassador, christopher stevens has been uncovered and it's raising questions about what the obama administration knew about the volatile situation going on in bengazy. the writings found four days after he and three other americans were killed in an attack. cnn reports the journal mentions quote the rise in islamic extremism and al
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qaeda's growing presence if libya and revealed stevens believed he was on a hit list. we know he was on the list and tonight what we don't know is who else the ambassador told about concerns and why nothing was done to ensure his protection. because one thing is certain if an american ambassador took the time to put down and put into writing he is in fear for his life he likely expressed concerns to his colleagues at the state department and throughout the administration. where are the letters and where are the e mails? in other words what is the administration trying to hide? secretary of state hillary clinton asked about this report as it began to develop last week. let's take a look at this. >> there is one report suggesting that ambassador stevens felt that he was on a qorkts al qaeda hit list. sf this a rumor? and is there something more to
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what he allegedly, i stress that order? as to the final question i have no information or reason to believe there is any basis for that. >> there, you have secretary clinton claiming she had no knowledge of the security concerns but she wanted you to believe this was not premeditated and the result of a spontaneous mob protesting a you tube video released in july. but in light of the handling of the situation i am not ready to take secretary clinton at her word ask a proven fact does exist the ambassador's warnings worried more while his family deserves to know the truth. not only that, they deserve better from the president himself. the last night the commander in chief had the nerve to liken in terrorist attack and vicious murder of four americans what he calls it just a bump in the road. watch this.
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>> reason events in the middle east given you any pause about your support from the governments that have come to power following the arab spring? >> i'd say at the time this is going to be a rocky path of i continue to be certain there are going to be bumps in the road. >> u.s. ambassador to navy s.e.a.l.s are assassinated and he calls it a bump in the road? 9 worst part is that that was made after the terrorist attack on september 12th. we're going to have more tonight with dick morris, but first an honor to be joined in studio with a book called "mug" ann coulter is with us. they lied. there were two ways of attacks. this is not spontaneous. i happen to have a missile-fired grenade i'm
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about to shoot into a consulate and kill an ambassador you think it wasn't the you tube video? >> sean: the one released in july? >> obama said on 60 minutes i krt administration a bump in the road. his presidency a bump in the road. >> sean: the thing is that there are two navy s.e.a.l.s. there is an ambassador saying i'm frayed and on a hit list. i writes it in his diary. are we to believe he didn't tell anybody? a cable? or e mail? how do we get to the bottom of this? >> right. well,... as i told you two weeks ago i was a little sus spishus since this started on september 11th something the white house didn't seem to notice. and all of that. that goes back to my last book not the one out tomorrow about mobs and we can see this arab spring was going to be a disaster z also, this diary
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and everything else, the initial reaction when romney said what is true is that administration was sympathizing with the people out there murdering our ambassador by blaming it on this you tube video about mohammed, was that romney had facts wrong and that is sympathetic statement went out from the cairo embassy. what were they responding to? and if there is information responding to why weren't the embassies fortified?. >> this isn't about america, but american flags ripped out and burned. and chanting death to america, it kind of is a good indication it might be about america and that president apologizing for quote, torture and going to close gitmo didn't pan out. i have a question and that is
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the handling of rise of radical islamists. >> and there is the september 11th truther associates with hamas. >> you've been right all this time. and the president has been wrong. >> watch this ad. i want to get your reaction to this. >> there is a rally for the new egyptian president. >> they want to conquer israel and renew long-severed tie was iran, a country building nuclear weapons to tlaugter -- slaughter the israeli people. the muslim brotherhood's top leaders even right about mover america. president obama, you invited the muslim brotherhood to the
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white house? legitimizing a group that wants to undermine america and destroy israel? you sent them $1.5 billion of our taxpayer dollars? why, mr. president? why? >> this is $2 billion. he just cancelled the meeting and i guess he had more time for david letterman, and jay-z and fund raising and campaigning. and he's in the meeting with a single world leader. >> foreign policy is a mess. you have the arab world exploding and it won't be in libya if this is a monster and the u.s. had given up wupgs and paid off the families from the lockerbie bombing which he admitted responsibility for after bush invaded iraq.
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we got a lot out of the iraq war. they aren't talking about this on other stations. all they can do is accuse republicans. >> conservatives rarely want to bring up the issue of race. it has become a narrative. if you mention the word chicago it's now... >> there is a new one tonight on chris math use apartment is racist. >> sean: everything is racist you guys are so lucky. i've done nothing but watch msnbc. >> sean: mugged. this is just a short montage of things that have been al gore they don't want to count you in the census z just like a little snip yet. it goes on every election cycle. watch this. >> i think that they played a race card on me. we know from the campaign and everything they plan to do it all along. >> there is an overwhelming portion of the demonstration
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towards president barack obama is based on the fact that he is a black man. >> the republicans hate black people. >> they're in favor of affirmative action if you can dump a basketball or sink a three-point shot but not in favor of it if you merely have the phone shall to be a leader in your community. >> he doesn't look like other presidents on the dollar bills. you know? >> they're going to put you back in chains. >> and there is sneaking to the friend out there that do not want to see anyone other than a white person in a leadership position.
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>> this is like my father was killed all over again. >> class warfare, people's race cards. you decided to go after the issue of democrats playing the race card, hard. >> and... their racism. just take the first three from the montage there. we start with bill clinton. champion to black people. >> first black president. >> when he was inaugurated and first elected governor he embraced the man who locked the little house school house door. when president, he invited his mentor to the white house. next one, jimmy carter not only did he vote against 64 civil rights act, he signed southern manifesto. he was a feroshus segregationist. you have jimmy carter overwhelming pro portion of the tea partiers are racist.
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and jimmy carter claims he tried and tried and there is a big mess. opened a campaign in 1980 in the home of the kkk. now, he opened a campaign and that is when he was in detroit, you're giving his opening speech. i would add jimmy carter endorsed maddox for governor. the restaurant owner chasing black was a shotgun. endorsed by jimmy carter a democrat running up against of course a racit. al gore senior voted against 64 civil rights act. all these are liberals. segregationists weren't all democrats they remains liberal there's is only one that became a republican, and strom
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thurmond. 18 years after running as a dixie crat, notice he didn't call himself a dixie jam. the racist wing part of the democratic party, the same way abortion ladies are part of the democratic party now. tried to makeup for this by reversing the party calling this democrat segregationist southerners again. >> sean: when you look at demographics this is the race card. >> it has has acknowledged it has been successful. >> they're appealing to a law, and beginning with whyes and then, having been segregatio segregationists and they they spent the next playing image nairy races.
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generally irish cop that's live in queens we have decades of quote hate crimes, alleged racial shootings. according to the "new york times", the plan running, the police force and it was only when -- when oj verdict that, is the arc of the book that set america free. >> and i want to see this in this campaign. >> and you pose a stimulus bill. this is a narrative. all of this is you. there is al gore screaming at the top of his lungs. republicans had the wrong agenda. they don't want to count you in the census, it leads to owe, by the way, voter id law that's is racist. >> yes. yes. >> you can't get into dnc upless you have a voter id. >> right. right. and there is liberals who
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ought to be guilty about something, never led to anything good. and there is finally on the oj verdict approves we've got rudy giuliani who saved tens of thousands of black lives by going after criminals despite being called a racist. that -- white guilt produced mistake after mistake including 2008 election when more whites voted for ob yaum yaum-obama. >>. >> sean: there are more in terms of numbers there are more whites than blacks on food stamps. 15 million more under rudy giuliani, republicans you know opportunity increases for everybody. >> and less likely to be killed by criminals. yes, absolutely. it's a lie by white liberals and they are up to their old tricks again z they have been doing this for from the
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philadelphia speech to a southern strategy. southern strategy with a landslide strategy. and there is another chapter pointing out we never did win the gold water state. we won the south once the dixie crats died out. >> sean: one of the things you said is that now, you point out now, it is being rerepeated there is a political strategy side. it's how do republicans, how does al gore have audacity to say this? and it's happening now there is an ad that never showed a picture of willy horton. the greatest political ad in u.s. history. there is furl yesing and there
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they knew it was insane. weekend furloughs never supposed to be let out of prison. and there is that had more affect on the election than any other z so what did liberals do? >> you go through it the way we have. many ways we've allowed this to build and build and build. and you go back to oj and rodney king. you are mention trayvon martin. the duke lacrosse case. in every case there is a narrative. what have we learned? there is step by step, what's
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happening? >> and everyone, blacks especially are better off when the bank was shut down and liberals kept trying to push the racial narrative but americans just aren't buying it. they're done after october 3 when they saw that verdict and saw black law students sharing it? that was it's. and for a dozen years there is paradise and not caring he was being called a racist by liberals and the clinton administration. look what it did to nork. this trance formed the city. >> how about in terms of the political campaign? we now have, i don't call them conservatives. there is thos suggesting
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romney is mismanaging the catch yain. and you wanted mitt romney and got him. this is a great vice presidential candidate. it's neck and neck. maybe different in swing states. some people are finder pointing and as if election day happened. >> and that is why they're not talking about bengazy. and because mitt romney gave a statement because of health care, that is being decided. >> this is almost as crazy as saying obama's golfing reminds people of tiger woods. but that is supposed to be racist. and this is like the whitest
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sport other than possibly polo. >> we've got to take a break. the racial demo dgs gogery from the left. more on ann coulter. the president's one on one with 60 minutes. voters should treat this like an exit interview and some crucial questions are nothing short of shocking. and believe it or not, roseanne bar didn't know she's running for president. there are outrageous tweets and she'll tell us why socialish is the answer, we'll get to that and more right here tonight on "hannity". [ male announcer ] you are a business pro.
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>> sean: there's only one conclusion that you the american people can draw from the president's interview on "60 minutes" last night. simply put, he's not fit to lead this country, or be your commander in chief. watch this. >> you're saying you don't feel any pressure from prime minister netanyahu in the middle of a campaign to try and get you to change your policy and draw a line in the sand? if you don't feel any pressure? >> when it comes to our national security decisions, any pressure that i feel is simply to do what's right for the american people. i am going to block out any
12:24 am
noise that's out there. now, i feel an obligation, not pressure, but obligation to make sure that we're in close consultation with the israelis on these issues, because it affects them deeply. they're one of our closest allies in the region, and we've got an iranian regime that has said horrible things that directly threaten israel's existence. >> sean: that has to be a record, not one, but two insults in less than one minute. president obama would describe netanyahu's concern about the safety of his country as noise. if israel isn't our closest ally in the region, which country is? jay carney was grilled about the president's gaffes, and his answers weren't much better than his bosses. listen to this. >> there's obviously a lot of noise around this issue at times. his point was clearly that his
12:25 am
objective is to take every step possible to enhance israel's security as part of our strong relationship with israel. you heard the president say numerous times that israel is our closest ally in the region. >> sean: here's the problem. that's not what the president said at all, and it underscores why this election may be the most important in our lifetime. joining me with reaction is the author of the soon-to-be released book "here come the black helicopters," former clinton advisor, dick morris, soon-to-be another bestseller. all right. so we have a dead ambassador, first time in 30 years. we have two dead navy seals. we have another dead person. we have all of these embassies breached, all of these flags replaced with al-qaeda flags, chanting "death to america." that's a bump in the road? >> yeah. >> and prime minister netanyahu is noise when iran is threatening to eliminate israel. >> the anti-israel 1 tenor is oe
12:26 am
you can't miss. the real failure is to draw a line in the sand, or whatever, and say you mustn't step over this. if the united states isn't serious about saying you can't go to 90% enrichment, can't go critical, can't build a bomb, can't explode a bomb, it would draw those lines, but refusing to do that basically is a green light. it seems to me that iran understands that, they get it, and they really good in effect a wink and a nod, which is really what that does. >> sean: in other words the president is showing weakness. >> yeah. >> sean: a lot of weakness, emboldening the world's enemies as ahmadinejad is saying israel will be eliminated pursuing nuclear weapons, and, you know, basically doing what they want. >> well, the spectacle of the failure of this president's naive outreach to the muslim world, and his naivete to think
12:27 am
they would stop bothering him is just apparent to the american people. you can't miss it. >> sean: you've been saying, there's no way romney is going to lose this election. and you have your own thoughts, methodology, and polls to back up what you're saying. look, i don't feel i can predict here right now. i can't tell you what's going to happen on november 6th. >> i can. >> sean: i would urge the romney campaign to act like it's the fourth quarter, you're down a touchdown, and they need no-huddle offense, need to bring it into the end zone. >> yeah. >> sean: you say what? >> obviously with six weeks to go, romney could mess it up, lose the debates. to lose the election it would be so obvious he messed it up. at the moment he's in a strong position. i believe if the election were held today, romney would win by
12:28 am
four or five points. i believe he would carry florida, ohio, virginia. i believe he would carry nevada. i believe he would carry pennsylvania. >> sean: oh, come on. >> pennsylvania. and competitive in michigan. i saw a group in pennsylvania by a group i've hir in the past, two points behind, and rasmussen has him five points behind, four points. people need to understand that the polling this year is the worst it's ever been, because this is the first election where if i tell you who's going to vote i can tell you how they're going to vote. you tell me that you're black or latino or a college kid or a single mother, i'll tell you how you're going to vote. if you tell me you're over 65, you're a man or married white woman, i'll tell you how you'll vote and i'll be right 2-3 times. therefore it's who's going to vote. polling is say how you're going to vote, but it's very bad at saying who's going to vote.
12:29 am
the models these folks are crazy. they assume a democratic edge of six or seven points. i'm assuming a three-point democratic edge, and even that is very likely an overstatement. i went through every swing state poll in august and in september of the top super pacs in the country and looked at their party skewing. between august and september, the democratic party lost two points over seven states, the republican party gained 14 points over seven states, two per state. what is happening in this country is the people are overwhelming concluding that this guy isn't up to being president, and the media is convincing us that romney is gaffing and -- >> sean: i'm not buying the media. >> it's not how americans are seeing the race. >> sean: look, i think they're trying to deplete the motivation of people. i think they're trying to influence it. the media are sellouts, they're done, finished. >> i sometimes feel i'm on radio
12:30 am
free europe. look moscow all around me. >> sean: sometimes i feel like that, too. i guess the question i have, how important are the debates? in 30 seconds, what do you tell romney? my instinct is to punch hard. i don't think obama has ever been verbally stung in his life. there's so much material that rights itself. what do you think? yes, that's true. romney is likely to win the debates. first of all, he has more experience at debating. he had 20 at them during the primary. obama has never faced a serious debate except for hillary, and that was a cattle show of 15 candidates and wasn't a debate. he's never faced that. romney has. and i think that, you know, you take iran, for example. obama's comment on "60 minutes" is do you want to start another war? okay, that's his comment about iran. well, if you have to do that to stop iran from blowing up the united states with a nuclear weapon and attacking new york
12:31 am
city, damn right i do. >> sean: my son was watching it with me last night, and he said, when romney was being interviewed, that guy doesn't like governor romney, does he? he picked up on the bias. dick, look forward to your book. >> picks up where "screwed" left off and talks about u.n. global governance and the end of freedom. >> sean: coming up, roseanne barr. did you know she's running for president? her platform, socialism. we'll see how the interview goes. then the president wants all successful americans to pay "their fair share." we did the math on this program. we'll tell you, even if they confiscated all the money of millionaires, would it help pay ♪ [ male announcer ] it started long ago. the joy of giving something everything you've got. it takes passion.
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we might still be making mix tapes. find this. pause this. play this. eject this. write this. it's like the days before esurance express lane™. you had to find a bunch of documents just to get a car insurance quote. now express lane finds your driving info with just one click, saving time to be nostalgic about the days before express lane. thank you, insurance for the modern world. esurance. now backed by allstate. click or call. >> sean: tonight the anointed one is in town right here in new york city on the eve of his speech to the united nations general assembly. while the white house has yet to
12:36 am
schedule a meeting with any world leaders this trip, the president was able to find time to sit down with the ladies "the view." the interview will air tomorrow exactly two weeks after a terrorist attack claimed the lives of our ambassador to libya and three other americans. perhaps president obama should revisit his priorities. joining me now to talk about that and mvp more i much more ir of "dispatches from the nut farm," the always outspoken and entertainer roseanne barr. how are you? >> hi. i'm good. thank you for having me on your show. >> sean: i watched you years ago when you did standup. this major hit television program. should i take -- is this to be taken seriously or do you really want to be elected president of the united states? >> yes. i'm very, very serious. i say i'm the only serious comedian in the presidential race. and i'd like to take this
12:37 am
opportunity to ask both romney and obama to debate me because i think that both of those guys -- i think that the american people are being given a false choice, because the choice between the lesser of two evils is a false choice. it's not an actual choice. i think that peace and freedom and solutions, economic solutions, that -- that involve investment in our own country first are the things that i offer and that i want to talk about. so i think, yes, i'm very, very serious. and, you know, i would like people to incorporate these ideas in this election cycle, such as -- >> sean: you're running as a socialist? >> well, i'm running on the peace and freedom party, and part of -- i do think we do need more socialism in this country this time. we need to move stuff from the top to the middle and the bottom, because it keeps on
12:38 am
staying at the top. how you build a middle class is bring stuff from the top down to the middle. and people deserve something back for the tax they pay. >> sean: all right. so, for example, we now have a tax system. these are just facts. 10% pays almost 70% of the federal income tax bill. is there a limit in terms of the wealth that you would put on people? in other words, would you say after x number of dollars, you've got to -- the government's going to confiscate your wealth? how much out of every dollar should the highest tax individuals should be able to keep? 60 cents of every dollar, 20? >> well, i think we should have a fair tax. i think that all of this stuff is a big dialog that we need to have. i know that i pay 48% of my income to taxes. you know, i wouldn't mind so much if it wasn't going just to export war. if it was actually going to help the people of the united states,
12:39 am
i would gladly pay more. >> sean: would you disarm america? would you uniliterally disarm? >> absolutely not. i'm not a passivist. with the privatizing of prisons, privatizing of military, i don't think that's a good idea. i think most americans agree with me, that the people themselves, you know, the taxpayers and the people of this -- of this country, the citizens, we need to have our government back so that it's not just a government of lobbyists and special interests. >> sean: i wasn't sure who to expect tonight, because i know you're very funny, you're a comedian, an actress. and i've been following your campaign on the periphery, preparing for this interview with you tonight. i wasn't sure who was going to show up. you say you want to be taken
12:40 am
seriously. you've thought about these issues, laying out your ideas. how can people do that, though -- i'll put up on the screen three of your tweets. they're very hard hitting. >> oh-oh. >> sean: one says most billionaires are violent pedophiles and consumers of violent pedoporn, that they're empty cocaine addicts. others growing off the government all their life, use entitlements. anybody who eats, blank, fillet, is sure to get cancer. how do you get taken seriously when you call billionaires pedophiles and -- mitt romney hasn't worked for the government his whole life. >> yes. he's always worked for the government. he's always been on the government dole. he's been a politician for 150
12:41 am
years. >> sean: he worked for bain capital? >> what? >> sean: bain capital. >> exporting our jobs, taking our jobs from our country. >> sean: that didn't happen when he was there, roseanne. >> it most certainly did. >> sean: no. look what he did with staples, with sports authority. >> let me answer what you said before. >> sean: okay. >> yeah. i like to get people talking. i am a provocateur, and i do like getting on twitter and riling people up. you know what, after a while some sane dialog and sane conclusions come of that kind of thing. you know, i think it's a good thing. a lot of people have also said that i'm letting the billionaires off easy. >> sean: letting the billionaires off easy by -- >> yeah, because they are responsible for all the problems on our planet.
12:42 am
>> sean: look, you're too intelligent to say that. let me be honest with you. >> okay. >> sean: you're too smart to be saying some of these things, if you're serious, that you want to be taken seriously and want to run for the presidency. billionaires are not the problem. i never got a job in my whole life, and i started washing dishes at 12 from a poor person. i nerve looked at rich people and said, i have a right to your house, your car. it seems you're playing this game, throwing out these broad sweeping generalizations, i think if you do that, my humble opinion, you won't be taken seriously. >> well, there is a serious class war going on in our country, and i'm trying to underline it and bring it to the mainstream media who all but ignores it. there is a war on poor people by rich people in this country, and it really should be looked at. it should be analyzed and taken part and really, really looked at.
12:43 am
all this redistribution of wealth went up, there was a huge redistribution of wealth, which you say you're against, but it went off and on -- >> sean: the bottom 49% don't pay federal income tax. >> well, that's why we need to look at our income tax laws and get fair tax and redo our system from the bottom up. >> sean: all right. roseanne for president, thank you for being with us. >> thank you. >> sean: coming up -- >> everybody does a fair share. and everybody plays by the same set of rules. >> sean: now it's the president's go-to phrase
12:44 am
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>> sean: president obama says you, the american people, you have to pay your fair share, but while nearly half the country pays no federal income tax according to anointed one it's millionaires who aren't paying enough. mr. president, how much is fair? 50 cents of every dollar? 60 cents. 100%? we put the fair share notion to the test. according to our analysis of the irs and treasury department data, even if millionaires were tacked at 100%, well, the money, how long do you think it would fund the government for? 2 1/2 to 3 months. now, in 2009 millionaires would have covered federal spending for a whopping 75 1/2 days in 2010 that number increased to a total of 88 days. that's less than 12 weeks. we're in debt to the tune of $16 trillion. does that really seem like the answer in the end to the problem or is it just hyperbole by a president that desperately wants to divide the country to get
12:49 am
re-elected? joining us the cohost of "the five," mr. beckle, and from fox news, mr. cal thomas. how much of every dollar should the rich pay? >> they should pay more than 14% mitt romney pays. >> sean: this was paid corporate tax, income tax, and so it was probably at the 35% rate, then he puts that money at risk, invests, so businesses can hire people, and then they tax it again if he makes a profit. so this is the second bite of the government apple, correct, cal? >> the average american pays 20%, he pays 14%. that's all you need to know. >> what we ought to be talking about how much the government wastes our money. those of us who go to church, we put money in the plate. we expect the church to spend it responsibly, to be good stewards of the money we donate. we're donating money to government. we got a $16 trillion debt. as ronald reagan said, we have a
12:50 am
debt, not because the american people are taxed too little, it's because their government spends too much. >> sean: i'm analyzing mr. common ground, your partner over here. >> yes. >> sean: what he's really saying, cal, we've got a false narrative, it's 14%, it doesn't tell the whole story, doesn't say this is the government's second bite at romney's apple, so he's going to run with it because demagoguing an issue work. >> with we the people, we are the government. >> sean: so romney pays taxes one time, 35%, whatever it is. >> he didn't pay it, but that's all right. >> sean: bob, he should be in jail. >> i want to know where harry reid's source is. he's proven he's paid taxes. where is harry reid apologizing? >> if both parties had the courage, democrats and republicans alike to deal with the one thing that matters, which is entitlements. >> i agree.
12:51 am
>> i'll give ryan credit. i don't agree with his proposals, but at least he came out with something. romney campaign told him to shut up. in the end, all these government programs, all the rest of it, don't add up anything compared to entitlements. >> it's true. >> sean: but obama raided medicare to give us a new entitlement, you know, $716 billion he pulled out of medicare, gutted it, cut it, and yesterday the demagoguing on the left is paul ryan wants to throw granny over the cliff. >> you know, sean, they've created a dependency culture. it's like drug addiction. if the drug dealer gets enough people buying drugs, he'll come back for more. they feel they're entitled to other people's money, they can't make it in life, and you have large numbers of people believing this. in florida, if you don't vote for democrats, little lady will
12:52 am
cut off. >> my mother used to say, i understand social security is going away. i'd say, get your friends on tuesday, vote democratic, and you'll have it back. before we started this segment, do we want to do analysis? i'd love to do analysis. it turned into a full-throated -- >> sean: no, it hasn't. >> yes, it has. >> sean: i want the truth. the truth is that romney -- by the way, he's a lot more generous than joe biden who gives 1% to charity. liberals are only charitable with other people's money. >> kid goes off with an allowance to college. first weekend he blows it off on wild partying. calls up mom and dad, send me another check. you're crazy to do it. >> sean: when we come back, i [ male announcer ] here's a fun fact: this single scoop of gain gives more freshness than a whole box of this other stuff... and that much freshness
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>> sean: you guys he adventure smart political tha anna lists. i'll start with you bob. three presidential, one vice presidential debate. what are we going to hear?
12:57 am
fox news projects. >> about 11:30, that barack obama carries ohio and that's the end of the race. >> it depends, how many registered voters the democrats can turn out, but also depends on how well romney does in the first debate. i think he's got one shot. i think he'll do well. i hope that he will show us a side of himself that we haven't seen before. mostly he has to go after the president's record, and ask do you want four more years of unrestrained debt, regulation, czars bypassing congress and basically be a law unto yourself. >> why you ever wondered why the people aren't willing to turn the reins over to romney? he's given them no reason to do it. >> sean: in fairness, the american people were skeptical of ronald reagan with jimmy carter. >> that's true. there's something people need to keep in mind. that is starting next monday --
12:58 am
already started in idaho and wyoming. >> sean: and ohio. >> 30 states will be voting starting monday in some of the most key and important states in the country. and those votes will be counted a lot of them well before the first debate. >> i don't like that. i don't like that early voting. i think absentee is the best way to go. that's early voting, but there's so many things that can happen. if people start voting next week, they haven't even seen the first debate. there's other issues that could come out. war could break out god forbid in the middle east. >> sean: how did we get to this point? not only does it open the door for a lot of corruption -- >> to the contrary, oregon probably prove it doesn't. if you take out the third-party candidates, it's going to be a 50.5/49.5 race. it's possible in a decade somebody will win the popular vote and lose the white house.
12:59 am
>> sean: you think it's possible in this election? >> it's possible in this election, because the red states are performing much higher. >> sean: do you support the electoral college? >> to an extent. >> sean: it gives states a say. let california and new york decide every election? >> that's right. on the other hand, people aren't counting idaho and wyoming. there's another state that's looming bigger and bigger every day, and that's colorado. colorado is becoming in my view the most important swing state. >> virginia. >> virginia is close, although obama is ahead. ohio is romney's biggest problem. the reason for that is the economy is working in ohio. >> sean: thanks to john kasich. >> and romney is spending a lot of time in florida. he's shown improvements there for the republicans. we'll see. again, it's going to be very close. if the republicans don't win the senate, basically you'll have a repeat for the next four years


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